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JAS was the overall winner of 'South East Stories: New Filmmaking Talent' - a programme of shorts curated by Film Hub South East / BFI NETWORK


• WINNER of FHSE / BFI NETWORK  'South East Stories' competition.

• WINNER of Best Foreign Film at City Of Angel's festival

• WINNER of The Red Rock Entertainment Award 

• SHORTLISTED for Performance Short Film Competition 

• BFI Flare Festival 2019, Official Selection

• City Of Angel's Women's Film Festival, 2019 Official Selection

• Cambridge Film Festival, 2018, Official Selection 

• Norwich Film Festival, 2018, Official Selection 

• CineCity Film Festival, 2018, Official Selection

• Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 

Writer/Director/Editor - Alice Trueman

Executive Producers - Red Rock Entertainment

Co-Producer - Paul DuBois and Apropos Productions

Producer - Alice Trueman

DoP - Zach Ellams and Tim O-Leary

Composer - Kerry Leatham


Jas - Melanie Wilder

Veteran - Peter Sundby

Leo - Joseph Adelakun

Abi - Anna Martine-Freeman

Tony - Altay Lawrence

Vinnie - Kyran Mitchell Nanton

Dayo - Conor Boru